kdidhhdjxjjdjdkdj did u watCh th episode???? I am very impatient and nosy but „„ did u watch th episode????

the imitation game movie is about Alan Turing not Ben C„„„


ok what about this instead of cecearl? dana gets a girlfriend. dana does badass mayoral shit. we hear about tamika flynn’s doings after retiring from leading a damn army. something with megan wallaby? kevin gets a redemption arc where he learns not to be an ableist fucktwit. some details so we can learn about the seemingly complex religious system of night vale. bring back the fucking rabbits. literally please no cecearl. dear god in heaven no cecearl 

I tried to watch the way he looks but the video got taken down about an hour and 15 minutes in„„

wh y do kids hate taking ou t the trash like u have to walk a little and throw a bag calm the fuck down



never wash your hair in a sinkunless u want t get water everywhere„

we were eating dinner and my brother was complaining bc I wouldn t stop talking about “awesome skeleton hell” but my mom didn t say anything about it??,


I am grateful to WTNV for allowing me to imagine thousands of rabbits taking over a college, drinking irresponsibly and licking the college president in the middle of the night when I should be sleeping.